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Specialist Containers


High Cube

External Dimensions:
Height: 9'6"
1ft taller than the standard shipping container


Length: 20ft
Internal Storage Area: 1317 Cubic Feet


Length: 40ft
Internal Storage Area: 2700 Cubic Feet


6ft Containers

External Dimensions
Length: 1.980
External Width: 1.970
External Height: 1.910


Internal Dimensions
Length: 1.800
Internal Width: 1.860
Internal Height: 1.730


8ft Containers

External Dimensions
Length: 2.438
External Width: 2.200
External Height: 2.260


Internal Dimensions
Length: 2.275
Internal Width:2.106
Internal Height: 2.050


Weight: 1.02 Tonnes


9ft Containers

External Dimensions
Length: 2.931
External Width: 2.200
External Height: 2.260


Internal Dimensions
Length: 2.770
Internal Width: 2.106
Internal Height: 2.050


Chemical Stores

External Dimensions:
8ft Chemical Store (8ft Long x 7ft Wide x 7ft 6in high)
10ft Chemical Store (10ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in high)
20ft Chemical Store (19ft 10in Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in high)


Internal Dimensions:
8ft Chemical Store (7ft Long x 6ft 6in Wide x 6ft 6in high)
10ft Chemical Store (9ft 3in Long x 7ft 8in Wide x 7ft 10in high)
20ft Chemical Store (19ft 4″ Long x 7ft 8in Wide x 7ft 10in high)


Door Opening:
8ft Chemical Store (6ft 3in Wide x 6ft 3in high)
10ft Chemical Store (7ft 6in Wide x 7ft 6in high)
20ft Chemical Store (7ft 6in Wide x 7ft 6in high)


20ft Full Side Opening

External Length: 19ft 10 ½“
External Width: 8ft
External Height: 8ft 6”

Internal Length: 19ft 4”
Internal width: 7ft 8”
Internal Height: 7ft 10”


The 20ft Full Side Opening Container is a standard box that can be
used for shipping designed so that the whole side and the end of
the container opens to make it much easier for loading. This is
normally only available in the new container market.


Tunnel Container

 Length: 40ft


The divider can be placed at 10ft intervals and locked into place if required
or placed halfway to create 2 x 20ft containers. Alternatively the divider
can be taken out, depending on what the client wants.


Tunnel Containers are great for creating a flexible central row of storage
containers for self storage yards.


Reefers/Refrigerated Containers

Length: 20ft
Width: 8ft


Length: 40ft
Width: 8ft


Temperature range of + 25 degrees to - 25 degrees


Our refrigerated containers can also be customised with a wide variety of
options and additional features such as temperature monitoring, ramps,
alarm systems, shelving and much more. 


Flat Racks

Length: 20ft
Length: 40ft


Flat Rack containers are designed specifically for large and heavy cargo, such
as machinery and pipes which are unable to be loaded into containers with
fixed sides or walls.


They most often are used as 20ft or 40ft containers which
is ideal for large and heavy machinery.


Insulated Containers


External Dimensions:
Width: 8ft
Length: 20ft
Height: 8ft 6"

Internal Dimensions:
Width: 7ft 8"
Length: 19ft 4"
Height: 7ft 10"



Open Top Containers

External Length:
Ranges from 8ft to 40ft


Open Top Containers allow storage to be loaded from the top which is a
more practical solution for certain types of cargo such as pipes and
machinery etc.


They are available in 20ft and 40ft versions. It is standard for
these containers to come with tarpaulins to cover the opening but we can
provide hard top open tops if required.



Hazardous Containers

Ranges from 8ft to 40ft


Capital Containers can easily convert standard Shipping Containers making them safe to store hazardous or dangerous goods. The expert engineers at Capital Containers have many years of experience and all the technical know-how to convert these shipping containers so that they meet all the current health and safety requirements. Capital Containers can provide these units in any sizes from 8ft to 40ft in length.


Once converted they are ideal for storage of materials such as paint, fuel, pesticides and machinery containing oil of fuel. The Container must be fire resistant, be dry and fast free, adequately ventilated and capable of retaining any leaks or spillage.


We at Capital Containers can also supply explosion proof electrics.

Our Price Promise

We try to ensure that whenever and wherever possible our prices are the lowest in the market and ask our customers to advise us if they find otherwise. If you have been offered a lower price then please advise us and we will do our utmost to beat it. Capital Containers provide a fast efficient and comprehensive service. We can source any kind of container or accommodation unit. We pledge to maintain very competitive prices without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and as we make this price promise we will do our utmost to fulfil.

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